Author Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to help authors ensure that their manuscripts are ready for submission to Annals of Vascular Diseases. It does not need to be submitted to anywhere.


  • ▢ All authors have seen and approved the manuscript.
  • ▢ All authors have agreed to its submission to Annals of Vascular Diseases.
  • ▢ All authors have permission to publish their work.
  • ▢ The manuscript represents original work and contains no plagiarized material.
  • ▢ No author has declared any potential conflicts of interest.
  • ▢ Experiments using animals or humans (or their material) conform to appropriate ethical guidelines.
  • ▢ Digital image processing follows the journal’s guidelines.


  • ▢ The manuscript file is formatted in Microsoft Word.
  • ▢ Text is written in clear, grammatically correct English.
  • ▢ Title page includes the title, authors’ full names, affiliations, abstract, key words, and the name and full address of the corresponding author(s).
  • ▢ Main text includes all relevant sections for the article type.
  • ▢ The authors have obtained the permission of the copyright holder(s) and relevant publisher to include any previously published material.
  • ▢ The authors have cited all funding sources for the work.

Submission process

  • ▢ The submitting author has the full names, institutional addresses and email addresses for all authors.
  • ▢ The submitting author has the names and email addresses of any preferred or non-preferred referees.
  • ▢ A cover letter that briefly describes an overview of the work, its significance and justification for publication, as well as suggestions for potential associate editors to handle the manuscript.
  • ▢ For the case of a revised manuscript, it is also required to provide a copy of the original manuscript marked with the changes using Track Changes (MS Word), highlighting, or colored text.
  • ▢ A point-by-point response to all of the issues raised in the reviews should be made in a separate letter.

Open access

  • ▢ The authors understand the Creative Commons and its implications.
  • ▢ All authors are aware that accepted manuscripts are published under a CC BY NC SA license.